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I've been writing Jokes & some of em' are pretty funny lol


If you like reading lyrics I've put together a book of some of my best ones and you can scoop that up 

Should We Get into NFTS? lol YeS

Ok NFTs are fun! and so is YouTube! Check out some of my YouTube videos here!:

And if you'd like to check out even more YouTube cuz it's awesome Amanda & Myself started a show that you can check out here!:

This is a classic song from some time ago I find is still awesome that we made a music video for!:

I do enjoy making music videos so look for more of those coming up from Wild Wylez Productions!

Here's a few more internet places to find me at and I do post new cool things on my Patreon so feel free to sign up for that if you'd like to show your support! Much Thanks!

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I don't stream very often but sometimes I'm on Twitch or Theta when I'm doing that :)


I guess that's about all for now! I Shall end the site with some Cats in the Basement!



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